Aeroflow Donates 1,180 Pounds of Food

Food Drive to Benefit Loving Food Resources

Last week, employees at Aeroflow Healthcare participated in a food drive to benefit Loving Food Resources, a local food pantry. Overall, Aeroflow exceeded their goal and collected 1,180 pounds of food and supplies to support the community.

The Loving Food Resource food pantry serves clients across 18 counties in Western North Carolina by providing food, health support, and personal care items to those living with HIV/AIDS or patients who are in home hospice care. Last year, the nonprofit provided over 180,000 pounds of food to people in need across the region.

“The best way to understand the value of food donations to Loving Food Resources for our community is to be in contact with the recipients,” says Stephen Sloan, an Aeroflow employee. “I took a few hours out of my Saturday to assist patients at the pantry select produce and help them with their heavy food boxes. As I carried boxes full of food to patients’ cars, each of them expressed sentiments of gratitude. Moving to give me hug, or smiling warmly while shaking my hand, the statement ‘Thank you for what you do, you don’t know what this means to my family’ resonated with me over and again.”

The nonprofit organization is in its 25th year and continues to provide comfort items and food supplies to a wide spread of patients across the region. The volunteer-driven food pantry relies on fundraising, small grants, and donations to support their cause.

Aeroflow is a proud supporter of the nonprofit, and employees were excited to donate and load the van full of items like canned food, bottled water and toiletries to deliver to the food pantry.

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