Emergency Food Boxes

One in four adults in the United States faces food insecurities (an individual or family who cannot identify where their next meal will come from). With the onset of the coronavirus in 2020, this number increased to one in six adults. The lethal nature of the coronavirus caused people to become unemployed either by layoffs, termination, or self-quarantine. 

LFR saw the impact of the coronavirus by a drastic increase in requests for one-time-only emergency food boxes beginning in March of 2020. Where we once distributed on an average of five (5) emergency boxes per month (60/yr), in the remaining months of 2020, we distributed 140 emergency food boxes—more than double from previous years. 

Loving Food Resources provides one-time-only emergency boxes that contain nutritious food, personal health care products, and personal protection items such as masks and hand sanitizer. Anyone facing food insecurity can call LFR and request these items.

LFR’s commitment to being a good community partner solidifies our commitment to providing as many one-time-only emergency boxes as necessary to help feed people in our communities who are experiencing food insecurities.

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